Saturday, March 14, 2009

If it's going to rain, then let it rain!

So it's thinking about raining today. OK, in fact, it did rain earlier today but it was kind of a wimpy rain that accomplished only to make everything wet. Which of course in our current state of drought is a really good thing, but COME ON! If I'm not going to get out on my bike because it is wet, I'd rather see one of those good old fashioned Sou'easters!

Hell, the peeps in the north get to have their Nor'easters, why can't I call it a Sou'easter? I mean what's so great about the NE that they can have their own name for a storm? Ok, what's so great about the NE is I'm from there, but really, what else?

I mean while we're down here basking in a relatively balmy winter, they're socked in by snow, ice, wind and overall just RAW weather!

I don't have to put my bicycles or my kayaks in dry storage from late fall until late spring. I can get out relatively frequently on the mountain bike or the road bike and only have to deal with temperatures slightly below the freezing mark (at it's worst).

Yeah sure, there are days like today when the sky stays dark and clouds threaten, but we only get a little psst of rain....At least if we had one of those good old Sou'easters, I'd have a real excuse for not getting out on my bike. I mean, a little wet on the road isn't going to kill me, I 'won't melt' as mom used to say.

It's not like I don't have the gear necessary for a ride in inclimate weather, in fact, I just bought a nice cold weather riding jacket last week. Ironically, I bought it on a day where the temperature climbed into or very near the '80s! It was on sale after all...

So do you know what I'm talking about - these good old fashioned Sou'easters? These are the storms where the interstate traffic slows to about 10mph because you just can't see more than a dozen feet in front of you - even with the wipers on full blast. Huge puddles of water gather on the sides of the road, sheets of flowing water cause hydroplaning hazards at every turn (or straight for that matter). At home, your windows are rattling because of the force of the wind hurling the quarter sized raindrops at them. If you still have power, you have to crank the TV or radio just to hear it over the sound of the rain on the roof. I mean a REAL rainstorm - thunder boomers cracking overhead scaring the wits out of human and animal alike, lightening flashing like the greatest of fireworks. A sense of power so great you're actually quite content to open up the curtains, grab a seat in your favorite chair and just enjoy the show. Much better than any TV program.

But, today's not that kind of day, it's not even raining right now. I hear the weatherman is still calling for more rain - maybe if I get out for a little trail run one of those Sou'easters might just spring up on me!

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