Friday, May 8, 2009

The Lady and the Tramps ROCK the Upstate Challenge Mud Run!!

Thanks to the wife and kids of my team-mate Joe for taking the following photos!

Here's the team: Left to right: Me, Debbie, Joe and Jim. Pre-race of course!

A quick shot of the little map they have set up at the starting line:

On your Marks!

and they're off!

Great shot of me in the mud pit!

Coming to the last mud pit - That's Joe's son giving him the high five!

The last big wall - we kind of messed up our order here, but it actually worked out for the best. Joe goes up first. Take a look at the other team going up the other side of the wall. As Joe is climbing, they already have two people on top.

Next up: Jim. The other team still has the original two up on top, and the third is just starting

Then Debbie, while Joe climbs down the back. Our third person gets to the top about the same time their third person does.
Finally, between Joe lifting, and Jim pulling, they just about launched me over the wall! The other team managed to get only one person up to the top in the time it took us to get our entire team up there!! That team started 9 minutes before us!
The triumphant team!!
We actually had a really good result. Out of 523 teams that had a finishing time, we came in 17th with an official time of 38:22!! Can't wait for next year!

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