Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's a time trial really about?

Well, I understand the concept. I've seen coverage on TV. I've read about them online and in the magazines. I've heard my fellow riders talk about them, but I've never done one. That will change tonight. Tonight is the third installment of the Greenville Spinners Time Trial Series. One a month for the summer months. Tonight will be my first.

The course is a 10 mile total distance - 5 miles out and back. According to my friend
Jonathan Pait, the course is opposite the direction that the A and B groups normally ride. I do know the start is in the same area that the tuesday night rides leave from.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. It looks like five miles from the parking area in a counter-clockwise direction puts the turn around very close to the top of the hill near the golf course. That means the route would include the more challenging hills on the Donaldson loop. Not that these hills are really that big - they will work to slow anyone down a little.

Here's a generic shot of the donaldson loop. Total distance around the complete loop is 7.17 miles.

In case the map doesn't show up, here's a
link to the mapmyride map.

So, how do I set a goal for this time trial? I frequently do the tuesday night rides at a pace of about 20mph. In that average pace is a good number of stops for re-groups. That ride is about 32miles. Normally when I am riding by myself, I don't push very hard and I end up with an average in the 16-18mph range - almost regardless of the distance.

But tonight, I'll be riding a fixed, known distance, on a course that I actually know quite well. I know I can do it in 30 minutes (20mph). To do it in 20 minutes, I'd have to average 30mph. If I shoot for 24 minutes, that is a 25mph pace. That sounds like a good goal.

So, wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Scott and I will be out there cheering everyone one. I sold my bike but I totally want to do the next TT!

    New bike arrives Tuesday :))))))

    See you out there tonight.

  2. Ok, after talking with Tyler today at Sunshine bike shop, I'm seriously questioning my goal of 24 minutes. He's a strong rider and he said his last effort was something very close to 24 minutes.

    He reminded me that I'd be out there by myself, without the aid of other riders....

    I'm sticking with 24 minutes for now, I can only hope the wind stays mellow.

  3. good luck JD. I wanted to make it out there tonight too. but work..... ugh. are you doing the carolina tri ride saturday morning? i'm thinking that one looks great too.

  4. It went well. You'll have to wait for my blog about it to hear my time. I will say that 24 minutes was very optimistic.

    I was looking at the Carolina tri ride for saturday morning. It does look interesting.


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