Saturday, August 7, 2010

You have a training plan??

yep, it's true. Had you asked me several months ago about having a coach make a training plan for me, I would have told you it's not worth it. Partly because deep down inside, I know what I need to do: More core work, more upper body, eat better, etc. If I'm not doing that on my own, why would it change if I had a written plan?

Why? Because now I actually have something that challenges me and interests me. On my own I would have been going to the Gym and lifting weights. I would have gotten some benefit from it, but very unlikely that I would really make huge gains with it. The fact is, I really don't like working out at the gym.

So, what's the difference now that I have a plan? The difference is in the interest I have in the program I have been assigned. There is the Ab workout, two different upper body workouts, a plyometric workout and a stretching program. Most of the workouts are about 1 hour. Except the ab workout - it is about 20 minutes. Probably the toughest 20 minutes of all the workouts.

Part of the interest is because I can't do some of these moves (and I'm always up for a challenge). Thankfully, my coach Jeni is way smarter than I am when it comes to exercise. She showed me a few ways to improve my performance and actually be able to complete the exercises. Pretty simple solution, but until she showed me, I was simply clueless.

Another part of my interest is that I can do it right in my living room. No travel time to a place I really don't like to go anyway. I can get up in the morning and get all or part of the day's workouts in before work.

Finally, the workouts are designed to work together to address the complete body. This is something I would not have gotten by working by myself at the Gym. Yes, I could have paid someone to develop a plan for me that included gym workouts, but I like this solution better.

The other thing she has put on my plan is two runs per week. The short run on Monday is 3-4 miles. The longer run ranges from 5 miles to 8 miles. Admittedly, I'm not as strict on meeting the requirements she has laid out for these runs. I do the mileage, but she has specific time goals that I am not really abiding by.

Similar with the bike. She has distances I'm supposed to meet, but I really haven't necessarily paid attention to them. I mean, on the weekends I'm getting in solid 4+ hour rides. Sometimes (like a couple of weeks ago with my Spinners Team-mates), they are pure hammerfests. How do you balance a distance with intensity? She hasn't really indicated intensity on the rides at all.

To be totally honest, the most important thing for me on the runs and the rides is that I enjoy myself. I have to admit, I'll never be a pro biker, runner or triathlete, so keeping it fun must take priority. If that means going hard when I feel like it, or taking it easy because I'm not feeling it, that is what I am going to do.

That being said, having a written training plan is making a noticeable difference in the number and quality of my off-bike workouts. And, I'm actually enjoying it - all of it!

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