Sunday, October 3, 2010

visiting an old friend

It's been a long time since I saw this old friend of mine. I don't recall the date of our very first meeting, but I do recall it was love at first sight. She was really hard on me that first time, treated me like a complete rookie. Stripped me down and beat me - like the bad boy that I thought I was. It was a little different today though.

How was it different? Well, mostly because I knew all of her tricks. I was not going to be so easily seduced by her beauty this time. She wasn't going to leave me breathless and spent when we finally met at the peak. This time our satisfaction would be mutual.

It all started innocently enough - I drove over for a relatively early morning rendezvous. She likes it early I think - she is fresh in the early morning. Later in the day, the tempests rise around her and she is not as accommodating. Arriving around 9am, I thought things looked perfect for us to find the bliss we both needed so badly.

After all I've written about bicycling, you'd think that is what I'm talking about. No, in fact, this is another mistress completely. It's been a long time since I had fallen to her seduction, but today was the day for me to make it up to her. I was ready - you don't know how ready I was.

After 6+ grueling hours at the six gap century last week, I was feeling the need to mix things up a bit. With many mistresses to serve, you'd think it would be a difficult decision, but she was not to be denied - I'd been dreaming about her for a couple of months lately. It had to be soon or I would burst!

As I made the drive over to her place, I reflected a bit on our shared experiences. She's taught me a bit about myself, and she's punished my body when I deserved it most. She'll do that to you because she can. She's a demanding bitch sometimes.

As I got closer, I glimpsed her in a new light. Yes, I've seen her over the years since my last visit, and I've felt the guilt of not paying homage to her. Today, I would do my best to make it up to her. She and I would become one once again.

Today I saw her in a new light. I hadn't ever seen her this way. It was kind of a surreal experience. She exposed herself to me and it left me breathless. What kind of mistress was this who could demand such a reaction? On such a fine autumn morning, she welcomed me as if I had never strayed.

Yes, Table Rock is the mistress I served today. She and I had an incredible experience that left both of us fully satisfied. She gave to me those things I had been missing since I'd last seen her and I gave to her my heart, lungs and legs. As I lay spent, relaxing in the late morning sun overlooking the Piedmont, I found myself content. While she demanded my best, she gave to me her very best.

At the overlook, I had 30 minutes completely to myself. Ample time to enjoy that late morning sun and to watch in wonder at the birds on the thermals. It was so peaceful. It was a visit that was a long time in coming, but as with any old friend, it was as if no time had passed at all.


  1. Classic post. And here i thought you were talking about a woman... :)

  2. Thanks Mike! I was talking about one of my mistresses that is for sure! If you are looking for a good time, you should pay her a visit - she'll make you fall in love all over again!


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