Sunday, September 6, 2009

If you're looking for inspiration...

Yesterday the P3C3 team had a great ride from Great Escape Bicycles in Spartanburg. Jeni, Perry, Ed and I arrived early to rack up 25 miles so we could target 100 for the day. It was a great ride on a new route and in the end we had to add an additional 5 miles to really get that century.

Last night, I went to bed early (after a nice afternoon nap;) and slept in. I had planned on getting out for a ride this morning, but alas, I decided to be domestic and clean the house. I'll get out for some exercise later this afternoon, but was content to take Dexter for a walk this morning.

After my domestic duties, I sat down to offer some thanks to some folks who have made some anonymous contributions in support of my Challenge to Conquer cancer adventure. I am very thankful for the many people who have made some very generous donations in my name. THANK YOU!

As I was writing the notes, I had to visit the Challenge to Conquer cancer website several times. I have read all the blogs from last year's teams, but I started reading them again. What an incredible experience the P3C3 team had last year. A good number of people who participated last year are also participating this year. I'm proud to be associated with these fine people.

If you want some inspiration, please go and read their blogs.

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  1. i thought about that one but just couldn't convince myself i could be someplace besides bed at 7:30 am. ended up doing 33 miles inc paris mtn and cleveland park, leaving at 10:15 instead.


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