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JD's Challenge to Conquer cancer

Updated 10/31/09

I am back from this incredible experience, and I wanted to make a link to all the blogs I wrote on the road. Here they are in the order they were written:
Less than a week to go!
I think I'm in denial...
Are we ready?
The Journey
Let the journey begin
Team Polka Dot earns their dots!
WANTED: The Polka Dot Outlaws!

You can read the information and see the links below for a full recap of all the pertinent information about the 2009 Challenge to Conquer Cancer.


It hasn't been long since I became a fundraiser (and a rider in the team relay) in support of the Palmetto Peloton Project's upcoming Challenge to Conquer cancer. I have written several blogs on this subject, but they might not be obvious to someone who is coming here for the first time. I have been sending a lot of people information about the upcoming challenge, and have included my blog as a source of information on why I am involved and updates on my training and my fundraising.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a link to each of the blogs I have written on this subject and to provide some other easy to access information on the event.

Why am I involved?

It's not about me this time
So, who is it about?
For whom do I ride - A tribute to cancer Survivors, Warriors and those who have lost the battle
If you're looking for inspiration...
2 weeks and counting!

The generosity is quite humbling

Training with the P3C3 team
6 days 350+ miles
Early Morning Music on Altamont Road
A kid, his bike and a long climb
...this could be heaven or this could be hell...
3 weeks to go!

The Ride:
is either 1350 miles or 1271 miles (depends on where you look)....All I know - it is a long way. Here is a map of the entire route put together by one of the P3C3 crew Nikki.

The Concept:
The Challenge to Conquer cancer squad is made up of 5 teams of 4-8 people each. All five teams will depart Greenville (from the Greenville Memorial Hospital campus on Grove road) on Sunday, October 18th. The ride is set up as a team relay, so each team will ride for a designated period of time (6 hours) before making the handoff to the next team. Each team will do a 6 hour shift with a 24 hour rest / recover / travel to their next handoff location. There will be a team riding 24 hours a day while the other teams travel to their next start point.

{JD's disclaimer: In the following paragraph, I am not implying that any of the riders on the P3C3 squad are weak - to the contrary, I have ridden with many of these fine folks and find each of them to be strong and accomplished riders. Therefore, when I say 'stronger' or 'faster', it is a relative term}

I anticipate that each team will ride between 80 and 110 miles per shift. It really just depends on the terrain and the relative strength of the team. The teams are logically determined by rider strength / speed. This is advantageous to put riders of similar ability together. A team is only as strong as it's weakest member. A stronger team will generally ride a little faster and further in their 6 hour shift than a not as strong team. There's no guarantees though - amazing things are known to happen when people are faced with adversity.

On Friday, the 23rd of October we will ride as a group into Austin, Texas. During the weekend that follows, we will have the opportunity to participate in the Livestrong Challenge.

Where do the donations go?
The donations that you make will go first through the non-profit organization Palmetto Peloton Project who will distribute the funds to the GHS Oncology Research Institute and to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

What's my part?
I have committed to raising $5000 to benefit the two organizations listed above. Here's my progress to date:

Date: 10/16/09
Total: >$5000!!!
(We made it!! I am awed by the generosity of my friends, family and co-workers. You are awesome! Thanks to all my supporters!)
Please keep those donations coming - you can still donate whether in support of me or someone else, please help us fight this battle.

You can donate online (please select my name - John Davidson from the drop-down at the top of the page) or, if you send me an email ( I can send you a form you can use to donate by check.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please help us in this effort by making a donation.


  1. Go John!!!

    Had to fall off last night and do my own thing. Hung on for as long as I could though. Great seeing you.

  2. Robin,
    It was great to see you and Scott and the other P3C3 folks on Tuesday. Hope you had a great ride!


  3. Finally am back to blogreading and finally (thanks to your recap here) remembered to go donate - Go John!!


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