Sunday, January 17, 2010

Springtime in Greenville

After the almost unseasonably cold weather we've had lately, friday the 15th was a sudden surprise. It was as if Spring had snuck in on us. High temperatures near 60 F made everyone at work really consider bailing for the afternoon and heading out to enjoy the now unseasonably warm temperatures.

I have work, there is no doubt of that, but it had been too long since I'd gotten out on my bike and I needed a mental re-adjustment (especially after the week I'd had). As I sat at lunch, I sent a text to Perry as I had understood he was planning on riding with some other friends at 2pm.

He initially got back to me saying he had to see about the schedule, but finally sent me a text '2pm @ Simpsonville Y'. OK, it's on! I did a few more things that needed doing at my office, shut everything down and nearly sprinted out the door.

As I started my car, I realized I had to pick up my buddy Dexter for the weekend. Shoot! I wasn't going to make a 2pm ride time. Since I thought Perry was riding with some others, I sent him a message saying I wouldn't be able to make a 2pm start time. He called me back just moments later.

It turns out he was not able to meet up with the other group, and was going to be riding solo. We re-set the meet time for 230pm and I made haste to pick up Dexter and get my bike and gear loaded up in the car. I arrived at the Y at about 220. Good timing, Perry was ready to ride.

We did a 35 mile ride that included parts of the YMCA routes and took us out through some really beautiful country in southern Greenville and Northern Laurens county. That is exactly what I needed to get some motivation back in my bones!

Now, if we could get past the rain!


  1. Waved at you while you were driving down HWY 14 this weekend. You did not see me :(

    Glad you and Perry were able to get some miles in together.

  2. Robin,
    Sorry I missed you! I am glad to have gotten out on the bike. Did another ride today as well. Looks like I'm burning vacation faster than I am earning it this year!

  3. Sooo jealous. Riding outside right now would be heaven! In the rain or sun, I would take either at this point. I am ready for spring to be here.


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