Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photos from Paris and Clermont-Ferrand

This post is mostly going to speak for itself. Starting with some photos from Paris on Monday eve:

My friends enjoying a beer before heading to dinner.

We took a route to dinner that included this great view.

Photo turned out great!

Spectacular at night!

Now a couple of photos from Clermont Ferrand this evening.

View from the bar I stopped at for a beer before dinner.

One of the streets in centre-ville.

Walked past this very cool old spiral staircase!

The Cathedral in Centre-ville.

It's been cool so far. Looking forward to more good times!


  1. That Gothic cathedral is GORGEOUS. I love the pics! Tell us what kinds of beers you're drinking, too... ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing...KEEP THEM COMING!

  3. Did you stopped at the bar/ restaurant in the station? Kip and I stopped at there too!!! Enjoy staying in France and I want to know how is your french working there?!!!!! I am sure you are doing great! :)
    Good luck!

  4. The beers I am drinking are a bit simple. There is Kronenbourg 1664 - a lighter lager I think. I had a giant Chimay in Paris on Sunday. At the cafe where the group is sitting above, I had an Adelscott - a malt and whiskey brew. It was very different from other beer I have had but also very good. I had the same with my dinner last night.

    Yukie, My french is passable. You think you are doing well, then you get around native speakers and WOW! you really realize how little you know.



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