Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dexter and me

So, last night I picked up a little buddy from a friend's house. His name is Dexter and he is about 7 months old. My friends are going out of town for a few days, so they asked me to help out. Today (Saturday 13 June) was day one, and it has been pretty interesting.
I have two cats, so of course there are cat toys laying around the house. Dexter immediately took a liking to a golf ball. I don't know if I have ever seen under the dimpled cover of a golf ball, but he made short work of the cover and I saw a nice white rubber core underneath!

Speaking of cats, I don't know if he knows what he is seeing when he looks at them. He looks more anxious than hungry...

I tried to leave him outside most of the day. I thought he'd find a nice cool spot under my trailer out back, but alas, he stayed in the little screened porch most of the day. It gets warm in that spot, but I left him plenty of water....he'll figure out where to find a cool spot soon enough.

He's a wicked mellow dog. And, my friend's kids have got him trained to fetch and respond to some commands - come, sit, shake (although I am having trouble with that one so far).

I took him for an afternoon walk over at cleveland park today. As my friend told me, if you don't use the pinch collar, he'll pull. Who did I think I was, using my retractable leash and the 'regular' collar? Of course he pulled! Especially when he met up with another young dog and the two of them decided to play! I was glad I had the pinch collar with me. He's actually quite tame when you put that on him. Very little pulling.

When we got back from the park, it was time for dinner, so I heated up the leftovers from last night - soft tacos! Pretty tasty! Thanks Janet!
So dexter is pretty funny. He tends to follow me around the house most of the time when he is inside. A few minutes ago, I got up to grab my camera (about 6' away) and he got up to follow me. What a nutty dog!
I was sitting here at my computer a while ago, and he was standing in the hallway looking into my bedroom. Suddenly, I hear growling! What's going on I wonder? I mean one cat is outside, the other is in the living room on the cat condo. I walk into the bedroom, talking to him, trying to understand at what he is growling..... Turns out, it is the sheet on my bed, where it drapes over the footboard. I have a floor fan that is set on oscillating. As it oscillates, it hits the draped sheet, and makes it move around! I tried to show him it was nothing, but he kept staring at it like it was going to get him. Dogs are a trip.


  1. Patty MeisenholderJune 13, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    Doody this is TOO funny! Remember, you are the alpha male.... methinks you need a runny partner. You can always come to Tampa and run with my Lucy!

  2. Patty MeisenholderJune 13, 2009 at 9:43 PM

    RUNNING, not runny.... omg too funny....

  3. John,

    The kids loved the pictures and the story. I hope Dexter is not too homesick. We're still a little concerned that he is not homesick at all because you're spoiling him a bit!

    Glad you liked the Tacos.

    OBX Gang. XOXOXO to Dexter. We miss you.


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