Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dexter the dog

So it's thursday, I haven't given an update on Dexter since Sunday! He's doing well. As I predicted, he did indeed trip over his own face while chasing the ball the other day. I nearly fell down I was laughing so hard!

I was a little concerned knowing he would be all alone while I was at work, but he seems to handle it just fine. I take him for a short walk when I awake in the morning, then another short walk when I get home from work. Usually another - maybe a little longer before bedtime.

After we do the after-work walk, I try to throw the ball with him for a while. He loves it of course! The gang told me he likes the empty milk cartons. I gave him one on his first day, but I think the newness of the place kept him from really enjoying it. I gave him another yesterday - WOW did he go crazy! He kicks it around like it's a soccer ball! He likes for me to chase him and try to take it away from him. Funny.

He's such a cool dog. He could almost convince me to get a dog of my own.

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