Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How do I break writer's block?

Ha! you thought I'd have some secret recipe for getting out of a writing rut? Sorry, don't have any special advice. After my little blog about my personal assault on Mt. Mitchell, I was having a little trouble finding some inspiration. Leave it to a group of cyclists to help me find some. I did have a great ride tonight at Donaldson. I volunteered to lead the 1b group (19+mph group ride). It was a lot of fun. I can say the group was quite strong tonight.

We left the assembly area with about 60 bikes or so. I think we finished with about 35-40. Yes, we did drop some folks, but I feel like we did a pretty good job of giving folks a chance to stay with the group. We started with a good warmup pace, but by about mile 8 we were above the 19mph mark. Of course it just climbed from there.

I 'led' the group from the back for a while - that's how strong the group was. The folks up front doing the pulling were really rocking it out. I felt good enough towards the back, and did get back up front as we came up Reedy fork road and on to Michelin Road.

Once again, it was the ride around Perimeter road that drove the average speed up by a bit. I think I had us around 19.8mph when we came onto Perimeter road. The group hammered pretty well, and actually stayed quite cohesive for a while. I took a little lead near the golf course, but I knew there was others out there stronger than I, so I let them have the front instead of pushing myself over the edge.

It was a great feeling to be flying around Perimeter with the group tonight. Thanks to everyone who I met tonight and to those who took their turn out front. Also, thanks to those who helped keep the group together by calling for soft pedals and stops at the stop signs. This is what it really is all about!

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