Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8th

just catching up on making some notes about my food and exercise routine. 

Have to start with Dec 7, as I did the guest blog last night.  I hope everyone took a moment to remember those who fell when Pearl Harbor was shelled.  It's been 70 years now.  I heard on the news that there were actually some Veterans from Pearl Harbor in attendance at the ceremony.  That is what started the US involvement in WWII. 

The 7th was a good day for exercise.  Got in 1.5 miles with Gunner in the am, ran with Bo and Tedd for 4.3 miles after work, then went straight to the aquatic center for a swim. 

Decided to do 1000m.  I'm really starting to feel the glide!  Tedd described it as a feeling of surfing, and I really am starting to feel it.  Not with every stroke mind you, but it happens pretty frequently.  I'm really starting to improve.  That really gives me a lot of confidence for White Lake. 

What about food on Wednesday?  Well, still stuck on cereal for breakfast.  Had a fibre bar for a mid-morning snack.  Lunch was pretty good, a chicken salad sandwich and a salad.  Bad part of that was the giant chocolate chip cookie and a large sweet tea. 

Dinner?  crack mac and a glass of choc milk.

After all of that, I didn't get into bed until 1030.  I had to get Gunner out for one last walk before bed, and it just got later and later.  The previous night, I didn't get into bed until after 11pm.  That is really late considering I still get out of bed at 445am.  Right now, I'm about to pass out, so this is going to be quick from here on out!

Thursday started the same as most mornings.  A 2 mile run with Gunner followed by a bowl of cereal. 

Running out of stuff to eat for a mid-morning snack, but had another fibre bar. 

Lunch.  You judge, I'm thinking not the best - Baked chicken and a portion of mac and cheese.  The mac is nothing like crack mac, but it isn't horrible.  Ok, this part of my lunch is REALLY bad - banana pudding. 

Dinner was a salad and the next to last helping of crack mac.  After tomorrow I'll be good for a little while.  Of course, a glass of chocolate milk. 

Workouts:  2 x 2mile runs with Gunner.  Spent some time with my foam roller trying to work out the kinks in my calves.  Not sure if that's going to take at all!


  1. Sounds like good eats! And running with the dog has got to be fun. Well done.

  2. John, Running with Gunner is alot of fun. He can act up sometimes, but when he is in the groove, it is really great - he just stays right there beside me. As he gets older, I'll begin to take him for longer and longer runs.


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