Thursday, December 1, 2011

Posting this HAS to make me change my errant ways!

Today's food:
2 bowls honey nut cheerios (yeah, get ready for this every day....)
9 hersheys 'whoppers' malted milk balls
one fibre one bar
Healthy choice meal - Beef and Broccoli
Cake - yes, a corner piece with extra frosting.
Shredded beef burrito
chips and bean dip
2 big Dos Equis

What workout? I did walk Gunner 3 times today.

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  1. I have been keeping a food log with's free portion of the site -- doing so has really kept me honest for the past couple of months. Keep on keeping yourself honest and you'll get things going in the right direction.

    And, good LAWD that's a lotta chocolate in the past couple of days! I'd have thought I was reading Josh's food log if I didn't know it was yours! :)


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