Saturday, December 10, 2011

food and Exercise 12/9, 12/10

Just catching up on my food and exercise.  Going to be tough, as I am forgetting things quickly!

Friday, 9 Dec Food:  cereal with milk and banana, fibre bar, last of the leftover crackmac.
2 reese cups (doh!, but not from the evil bowl @ work - from my freezer), a babe ruth bar and some finger food at my company holiday party.

Friday exercise:  Gunner with a 2 mile run.

Saturday food:  Greek Strawberry Yogurt and a banana.
Eggs benedict and a few potatoes, hot chocolate and a large glass of milk.
A PB&J sandwich for a mid-afternoon snack and a glass of choc milk
Salad and a stuffed chicken breast for dinner.  And you know it, a large glass of choc milk.  Yes, I LOVE milk!

Saturday exercise.  GUTR #4.  That's all.

tomorrow I'll do about 55 miles on the bike followed by a 5ish K run.


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